The following rules are in addition to the AMA Safety Code

1. Flying hours are from 10 AM to dusk April 1 - June 15th and from 8 AM to dusk June 16th to March 31.

2. No children or other spectators shall be allowed in the pit area or on the runway unless under the direct supervision of a current club member.

3. No smoking or open flame is permitted in the pit area or flight line.

4. The frequency board will be used at all times for any frequency other than 2.4 GHz or Wi-Fi. Modelers, other than those on 2.4 GHz or Wi-Fi, will place their AMA card in the slot next to the frequency they are using. These transmitters will not be turned on until the frequency pin is obtained. The flying member must retain the pin until the transmitter is turned off.

5. If flying with the frequency pin method, twenty minutes shall be the maximum time for operation if other modelers request of the same frequency.

6. There will not be more than four models in the air at one time except during announced combat flights. Pilots must remain behind the safety fence at a numbered flight station while flying.

7. Engine testing or lengthy run up should be done as far away from the pit area as possible.

8. A minimum altitude of 30 feet shall be maintained while over the runway unless on takeoff or landing. This does not apply to multi-roter models (MRM).

9. All gas spark ignition engines shall be equipped with an on/off ignition switch. Pilots must have a usable fire extinguisher at the site while testing or flying these aircraft.

10. No pilot shall in any way pursue birds or animals.

11. Any landing aircraft has field priority. Pilots should announce their landing intentions to other pilots.

12. Any and all infractions of the safety code and club rules shall be reported to the member who is apparently engaged in any infraction. Contact the club safety officer or president of any continued infraction or unsatisfactory correction of the infraction.

13. There shall be no flying north of the north line of the runway, extended east and west, or over Sunnyvale Lake.

14. All engines shall not exceed noise levels of an average of 96 db at 20 feet based on four quadrant tests performed at the same maximum RPM setting. Testing shall be the modeler’s responsibility to comply with the Club standards.

15. The use of cell phones for conversation, texting, or videoing or the use of other electronic devices while piloting an aerial device, or when preforming spotter duties in support of an active pilot is prohibited. However, electronics, such as smart cell phone, or similar devices, may be used if they are the primary transmitter or software control unit communicating with the aerial device. The use of cell phones is permitted during all other times and at all locations in the park area.

16. Motors (fuel or electric) are not to be started north of the spectator fence. All aircraft must be restrained before motors are started. Electric model are not to have the battery connected to the motor north of the spectator fence unless the prop has been removed prior to battery connection if it is necessary to check motor direction or rotation or servo operation.

17. Any person involved in an accident or incident at Sunnyvale R/C Park must abide by the accident/incident reporting policy posted at the site.