The type of models flown include kit planes, helicopters, sail planes, multi-engine creations, amphibious craft and others. Recent years has seen an increase in ARF's (Almost Ready to Fly) aircraft in both the glow fuel and electric models. Sizes range from a few ounces to around 50 pounds and wing spans range from 1 foot to 12 feet.

Our site is located at Sunnyvale Park on South 72nd Ave, just south of Hwy 29, west of Wausau. Our club maintains a 300' long by 24' wide asphalt runway with approximately 5 acres of grass field. We fly over about 14 acres owned by Marathon

We welcome all pilots to fly at our field no matter your ability. We have time set a side every Monday night in the summer for new pilot training. Spectators are always welcomed as well.

See you at the flight line!
The hobby of building and flying radio controlled aircraft has been a popular pastime in the Wausau area since the 1940's. In 1966, six area modelers joined together to create the Wausau R/C Sportsmen Club of Wausau, Wi. Warren Pope, Dr. Bill Backer, and Dr. Thurl Burr were three of the founding members.

As membership grew, it became apparent that association with the Academy of Aeronautics (AMA), a nationally organized group of builders and flyers, was necessary. Frequency control, insurance, and participation in competitive events were the primary reasons the club would benefit from this affiliation.
In 1967, the Wausau R/C Sportsmen Club was granted AMA Charter #671. To this day, this Charter is maintained and AMA membership is required for all pilots to use the Sunnyvale R/C Park, including guests. Over the years, interest has grown substantially. The club has grown as high as 100 members twice during the past decade. Several of the current members were part of the original 1967 Charter members.
Frequency board originally designed by Dr. Thurl Burr